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Neuromorphic Computing Meets Quantum Mechanics

15 May - 17 May

Human brains possess computational capacity far superior to any digital computer. This functionality is endowed by synapse, a small 30 nm junction that allows two nerve cells to communicate. This communication (synaptic action) occurs via changes in charge concentrations that modify the transmission of an electrical signal across the synapse. Replicating this synaptic architecture and communication artificially would be a critical step toward building computers that emulate brain-like performance minimizing energetic costs, or neuromorphic computing. Various materials and physical phenomena based on classical physics have been explored to utilize intrinsic materials physics to enable energy-efficient computation by replicating the functionalities of biological neurons and synapses. Merging insights from brain-inspired hardware and software with quantum phenomena and quantum technologies, could unlock a new era of information processing. Quantum technologies based on unitary dynamics are inherently dissipationless and have the potential to further reduce energy costs, in addition to the reductions offered by neuromorphic computing.

The conference “Neuromorphic Computing Meets Quantum Mechanics” is poised to facilitate the convergence of researchers from three cutting-edge domains: neuromorphic computing, quantum technologies, and artificial intelligence. This unique platform aims to inspire collaborative interaction among experts in neuromorphic computing, encompassing both hardware and software, specialists in quantum materials and quantum optics theory and experiments, and experts in deep learning and artificial general intelligence (AGI). By bringing these fields together, the conference seeks to facilitate discussion and collaboration towards the development of quantum-enhanced neuromorphic hardware capable of surpassing classical von Neumann architectures for AGI-oriented computing. This visionary conference will host talks and brainstorming sessions centered on the transformative potential of utilizing quantum phenomena and materials to reshape the landscape of neuromorphic computing for AGI. The conference aims to inspire discussions on novel approaches, paving the way for new technologies at linking AGI and quantum computing. Join us in charting a path towards a future where quantum mechanics converges with neuromorphic computing, redefining the possibilities of AGI.



15 May
17 May
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University of Georgia
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