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Neuronics 2024

21 February - 23 February

Neuronics Conference 2024

Brain-inspired neuromorphic computing has emerged as a promising solution to overcome the computation bottlenecks in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. However, traditional CMOS technologies, which heavily relied on silicon, face significant challenges such as volatility and energy inefficiency. These obstacles have hindered the rapid progress in the field. Thankfully, recent developments in novel memory and memristive technologies, have revitalized the pursuit of efficient and high-performance neuromorphic computing systems.

This conference aims to present the current status and cutting-edge advancements in the development of neuromorphic devices that emulate biological neural processes through device physics. A particular focus will be placed on memristive technologies as a promising devices for implementing various neuromorphic functions, including artificial synapses, neurons, and dendrites. The different material platforms include conjugated polymers, hydrogels, nonmetal oxides, correlated oxides, transition metal oxides (TMOs), chalcogenides, carbon-based materials, phase change, ferroelectric materials, piezoelectric materials,magnetics materials, fluidics, and nanocomposites.

The conference will also highlight the emerging fields of bioinspired ionotronics and mixed ionic-electronic-photonic materials. These areas focus on leveraging ionic motion and arrangement to control electronic properties and functions, enabling the development of various functional devices. Topics of discussion will include electrolyte gating as an alternative to chemical doping, organic and halide perovskites transistors, various types of memristors, ionic channels, and their implications in the advancement of neuromorphic computing.

Researchers will showcase circuits demonstrating full neuromorphic functionality, such as unsupervised learning, pattern recognition in neural networks, and the neuroscientific aspects of artificial intelligence. Moreover, the conference will explore the advancements in programmed/directed self-assembly and stimuli-responsive systems, as well as their applications in smart sensing systems. These systems encompass a wide range of applications, including optical sensing, temperature sensing, gas sensing, strain sensing, and more. The conference will also delve into haptic systems, biosensors, and image sensors, exploring their integration with neuromorphic computing paradigms.

The conference will address the listed topics in an holistic view and joining together an interdisciplinary community from different research fields, such as electronic, materials science, nanotechnology, engineering, computer science, neurobiology, computational neuroscience, neural and biomedical-engineering.

Join us at this conference to engage in insightful discussions, share knowledge, and explore the exciting possibilities that brain-inspired neuromorphic computing and device physics offer for the future of artificial intelligence and computing systems.


21 February
23 February
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Valencia, Spain + Google Map