Lava: an open-source framework for neuro-inspired applications – Andreas Wild, Mathis Ritcher, Intel

Lava is an open-source software framework for developing neuro-inspired applications and mapping them to heterogeneous neuromorphic hardware systems. Lava allows programming fast and energy efficient neuromorphic platforms at a high level of abstraction. This enables researchers and application experts to easily develop a broad range of neuromorphic applications that process, learn from, and respond to real-world data with unprecedent performance compared to conventional architectures. Lava currently supports applications on Intel’s Loihi 2 neuromorphic research chip as well as on CPU/GPUs. Our vision for Lava is to promote convergence toward a common software framework for the neuromorphic community and to spread the adoption of this emerging computing paradigm.

In this session, we will give an overview of Lava, explain the software stack along a few examples, and share our vision for Lava. There will be ample time for discussing the future of Lava and where the neuromorphic community is seeing critical roadblocks as well as exciting potential.

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