Mixed Feedback Control – Rodolphe Sepulchre – BI 143

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Show notes: https://braininspired.co/podcast/143/

Rodolphe Sepulchre is a control engineer and theorist at Cambridge University. He focuses on applying feedback control engineering principles to build circuits that model neurons and neuronal circuits. We discuss his work on mixed feedback control – positive and negative – as an underlying principle of the mixed digital and analog brain signals,, the role of neuromodulation as a controller, applying these principles to Eve Marder’s lobster/crab neural circuits, building mixed-feedback neuromorphics, some feedback control history, and how “If you wish to contribute original work, be prepared to face loneliness,” among other topics.

0:00 – Intro
4:51- Control engineer
10:21 – Control vs. dynamical systems
14:07 – Building vs. understanding
18:25 – Mixed feedback signals
27:32 – Robustness
29:34 – Eve Marder
33:13 – Loneliness
38:51 – Across levels
45:28 – Neuromorphics and neuromodulation
53:08 – Barrier to adopting neuromorphics
55:47 – Deep learning influence
1:03:39 – Deep learning for neuro
1:15:58 – Role of philosophy
1:18:36 – Doing it right

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