Open Source Brain-Inspired Neuromorphic Software and Hardware – Jason Eshraghian (Latch-Up 2023)

Jason Eshraghian

The brain is the perfect place to look for inspiration to develop more efficient neural networks. One of the main differences with modern deep learning is that the brain encodes and processes information as spikes rather than continuous, high-precision activations. This presentation will dive into how the open-source ecosystem has been used to develop brain-inspired neuromorphic accelerators, from our development of a Python training library for spiking neural networks (snnTorch, ›60,000 downloads), to compiling these next-generation deep learning models on custom ASICs submitted for tape-out in the Sky130 process. The open-source silicon movement has the potential to impact how we adopt principles from neuroscience to improving deep learning and hardware acceleration.


The FOSSi Foundation is proud to announce Latch-Up, a conference dedicated to free and open source silicon.

Latch-Up: a weekend of presentations and networking for the open source silicon community, much like its European sister conference ORConf.

Produced by NDV:


Sat Apr 1 11:30:00 2023 at UCSB Henley Hall room 1010

Posted on 29 January, 2024

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