Open-source Hardware for Real-Time Applications – Francisco Wilken (Latch-Up 2023)

Francisco Wilken

Many IoT and edge applications increasingly have real-time constraints. In this talk, we describe a simple custom open platform built for running a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). This platform includes support for interrupt-based programming, multithreading, and dynamic memory allocation, enabling applications that require multiple complex and time-sensitive tasks. The platform is also designed to be easily customized and integrated with application-specific hardware acceleration techniques. Finally, we will describe our implementation of the approach to an aerial drone application, that includes navigation, control, and vision focused hardware acceleration.


The FOSSi Foundation is proud to announce Latch-Up, a conference dedicated to free and open source silicon.

Latch-Up: a weekend of presentations and networking for the open source silicon community, much like its European sister conference ORConf.

Produced by NDV:


Sat Apr 1 13:15:00 2023 at UCSB Henley Hall room 1010

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