The Forward-Forward Algorithm – Prof. Geoffrey Hinton – Honorary Keynote MoroccoAI Conference 2022

In this Honorary Keynote, Prof. Geoffrey Hinton, Full Professor at University of Toronto, discusses “Learning Deep Neural Networks without Propagating Derivatives”.

This is a new learning algorithm for artificial neural networks, called Forward-Forward algorithm, inspired by our knowledge about neural activations in the brain. While backpropagation is extremely useful, it is very different from what we know about the brain. Prof. Hinton explains how this new algorithm has the potential to replace backprop in the future.

The Q&As is moderated by Dr. Salim Chemlal, MoroccoAI co-founder.

MoroccoAI Conference 2022/2023 aims to formulate a Promising National AI Strategy to support sustainable development across key sectors in Morocco.

MoroccoAI is a non-profit association led by AI scientists and researchers in Morocco and abroad.

MoroccoAI vision is to promote AI education and excellence in Research in Morocco.
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Content of this video:

0:00 Introduction
2:20 Prof. Hinton’s presentation
35:15 Q&A


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