Understanding Brainchip’s Role In The AI Revolution

We have the Brainchip CEO (BRN) Sean Hehir joining us on the ASX Investor channel today.

We discuss Brainchip’s (ASX: BRN) recent progress in this ASX CEO Interview on their journey to commercialising their Akida AI technology in the neuromorphic computing space.

Brainchip are an ASX technology stock aiming to be a major player in the artificial intelligence revolution that is emerging. BRN’s Akida technology is a neuromorphic computing solution aiming to facilitate AI at the edge.

Today we discuss Brainchip’s Akida technology and their strategy to commercialise their neuromorphic computing technology amidst renewed focus in the artificial intelligence space. We discuss the Brainchip (BRN) story as an ASX technology stock and explore where ASX: BRN may head from here with the semiconductor industry attracting ASX Investors and ASX technology enthusiasts interest.

Brainchip CEO Sean Hehir provides a range of insights throughout this wide reaching ASX CEO interview exploring the Brainchip & artificial intelligence opportunity with the focus on moving towards widespread Akida commercialisation. A big thank you to Sean Hehir for joining us on the ASX Investor channel to unpack the ASX: BRN story.

We look forward to touching base again in the future to hear more about Brainchip and discussing news announcements as ASX: BRN continues to scale as an ASX technology growth stock.

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